“I have become one shade clearer! How about you?

The Four Steps to Heaven.

..Or some other crap like that!

Do you ever wonder about those skin product commercials and the messages they constantly send out to the world? I, for one, am always stunned to see the notoriously racist connotations they so proudly present. It is actually so fascinating that I find myself laughing at the end of it knowing how socially acceptable they are! These people have seriously outdone themselves, beyond the hair product ads that simply show models before and after visiting their hairdressers, these people have really mastered the technique of promoting – time and restless time again – “fair and lovely” white as opposed to “dark and not-getting-the-job-worthy” black.
(If you’ve seen the ad I’m referring to here you’ll know what I mean)

The woman who didn’t get the job interview, the many others who don’t get noticed by the guy they admire, and the zillions who don’t want to go out at all and envy their “fairer” friends who try to persuade them to… See, I don’t know if it’s just me.. but they are a MILLION times more beautiful than the ghosts they ultimately become at the end of the commercial! And trust me, I am not comparing black to white here – as they so confidently do – but I am simply making a judgement between the plastic-like, squeakily polished, eerily-bleached dummy representations they are trying to promote as opposed to the beautiful, natural and lively illuminating women they constantly condemn from success and happiness in the public world.

And THAT‘s how you become one shade clearer – by realizing that manipulative truth.


Significance. What every man strives to achieve.

What does it mean to be significant? What does it mean to matter? To make an imprint on others and contribute in memorable ways?

This post, for example – what makes it significant? The first post of my first blog. Does it necessarily have to mean something? How will this ever contribute to the rest of the world? A single post in a world of infinite possibilities..

But this is what we are. Small things. Small actions. Small words. No matter what, we are always some sort of small. However, by that very same token, it must be that we are some sort of small that matters..